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Navigation and Data Tutorial

GxSeq is organized into sections by tabs along the top right bar. These tabs may have a sidebar with additional sub-links such as the help links to the left.
Each main tab is described below.


Dashboard The user Dashboard is displayed after login or by clicking the 'Dashboard' tab on the top right. This page presents your data and has quick links to different tools. The dashboard is a landing page to help navigate relevant data.

Tools enable analysis and exploration of data. These quick links include thumbnails and brief descriptions of each tool to ease navigation.

Experiments are containers for samples and statistical data. This table presents all of the experiments you have access to with direct links to samples.

User Data
There are several different data tables that can be shown here including favorites, recent blasts, uploads and groups. Each table has links to view more details on the given item.

User profile information can also be viewed by clicking the 'Account' link in the top right of your dashboard. This page allows changing your password (non-LDAP users) and displays some basic account details.


Data sidebar The Data tab contains tables for all of the different data types available in GxSeq. You can use these tables for many differnt tasks such as searching for genes, viewing the details of an assembly, or downloading datafiles. You can search sort and filter all of the tables. Each datatype is described on the Data Index

Advanced Options
All tables have filter options on the top right. These include dropdown filters and text search. Additional options may also be available by clicking the (Advanced Options) link. For example, on the features table, this link displays extra options for definition sources and filters for feature type, location and strand.
Feature listing advanced


This tab links to the BLAST sequence alignment interface. You can paste in your own FASTA formatted sequence and align it to any of the stored BLAST databases. To have additional BLAST databases added please contact the site administrator.


This tab contains the tools used for analysis in GxSeq. As more tools are added to the site they will be listed here. Current tools include the quanititative expression viewer, cluster generation, and term based abundance.


This tab includes details about GxSeq, contact information and resources to assist in using the site including the tutorials you are reading now!