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GxSeq - Genomic expression and Sequence analysis

A repository of genomic sequence, annotations, and sample data.
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Using this site you can interact with genomic data. There are listings of sequence and features that you can search and download, a browser to view genomic data, dynamic tables of expression data and tools to investigate that data. Try the category links above or the tool links below. If you get stuck, there are tutorials available on the help page.

One last note,
The information in this system is confidential and subject to use under the GLBRC Information Systems Confidentiality Notice
If you find something you shouldn't then let us know.

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Public Assemblies

Plantago ovata ( CLC1 )
GLBRC Y22-3 ( GCA_001634645.1 )
S. mikatae ( IFO 1815 )
S. bayanus var. uvarum ( CBS 7001 )
S. kudriavzevii ( IFO1802 T )
S. kudriavzevii ( Port. strain ZP591 )
S. eubayanus strain FM1318 ( SEUB3.0 )