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Navigation and Datatypes

The Genome Suite uses a two column layout with main navigation tabs on the top right. A sub menu on the left has additional links to relevant data. Tables with sort and filter options are used to present datasets along with custom visualizations.


The quantitative expression analysis tools enable exploration and analysis of expression data generated from RNA-Seq experiments. Count data and statistical test values from RNA-Seq samples can be assigned to genomic features for presentation.

Genomic Context

The genomic context tool allows multiple sample datasets to be compared with genomic sequence and annotations similar to other genome browsers. This interactive tool has configuration options allowing for a customized view of the different data types.

Uploading Data

Users can upload their own data to GxSeq for exploration. These datasets can be shared with other users or kept private. A bulk upload interface is also available to speed up the process of creating samples and attaching datafiles.